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Monthly Juicription Club

Monthly Juicription Club

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This is once a month community juicing ritual.  We will conduct this ritual together on first Wednesday of every month. share our experiences with each other on a closed Facebook group. The price is delivered to door price in a cooler bag.

We will not sell you mostly water or trendy herbs which do not work on its own.  This is what most marketing savvy companies do. We will give you liquid, live and fresh nutrition made with solid vegetable heavy juices which will help bring your body back to homeostasis.  We do not have USDA organic certification but rest assured we are using organic produce to make our juices for last 2 and 1/2 years. Don't be surprised that you are actually feeling hungry and not craving.  It means that your systems are cleaned and working better.  There is nothing wrong in being hungry.

The juices will be delivered to you by the end of the day Tuesday to do the ritual on Wednesday.This will contain 6 Juices of 16 oz. each. No Exceptions!

We understand that life happens and will work with you to accommodate you.  Please let us know week before production for the upcoming months juice ritual to delay your subscription. We will allow maximum of 2 instances of delaying the subscription.

This is 1 year subscription paid upfront.  We will deliver juices in cooler bags with ice packs in it.  Due to time constraints we will not wait at the door for you to receive it.