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Our Juicing journey

This is the  year 2009.  My wife and mother of our only daughter was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. The condition mainly affects the lower colon. She started to feel worse and lose uncontrollable amounts of weight.  Along with the weight loss, her iron levels dropped dangerously low because she was passing blood in her stool.  Since her iron levels were so low, her hemoglobin levels stayed dangerously low level as well.  We did everything we could to find a cure for her condition.
She was given very heavy doses of steroids and “NEW” cutting edge drugs.  The drugs seemed like they were helping a little, but they came with heavy side effects. She could not take iron pills to improve her blood iron levels.  She was at the point of getting a blood transfusion but we decided against it.  She was given an artificial compound to improve her blood iron, the same that a cancer patient  would receive after chemotherapy.
At this point, we embarked on a mission to find a natural cure.  I came across quite a bit of inconclusive research dealing with a diet of just raw vegetable juices to treat similar conditions to my wife’s. My goal was to stabilize my wife’s condition by improving her iron and hemoglobin levels,  restoring her energy level, and bringing normalcy to our daily routine.  We had invested in all kind of juicing equipment such as centrifugal juicers (several speeds and brands), masticating juicers, and high powered Blenders. We then finally settled on a Juice Press. Juice press turned out to be nature's pharmacy for us.  
After few months and tons of different combinations and sequences of raw vegetable juices which she been drinking, we saw a  improvement in her condition. Over the months, we had gathered quite a bit of knowledge about various nutrients and what they can do to the human body.  We liked cold press juices because they were chunk free and mostly fiber free. After some initial hesitation of drinking the meanest green juices, she got used to them and she actually began enjoying them.  She is now off of all medication and her body craves for raw juices and complains if she does not drink them.