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Acai Nice Creams

PREMADE Acai and other bowl nice cream base for your social and professional events.

VEGAN, Zero added sugars, Zero Ice, Zero Preservatives!

Scoop, top and serve or have your guests self serve!

You were asking for it and we have been testing it for over a year. We have successfully had several events now where we took our fresh frozen premade bowl bases, thawed on site, scooped them out, and topped them with variety of toppings and served them! Folks enjoyed it and they were pleasantly surprised that there is no dairy or ice or other fillers in it yet it tasted AMAZING!

What is a Flavor Bowl? It is a whole natural, preservatives free powerhouse of nutrition. You will get good amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins naturally. It is a good meal replacement or great any time of the day.

Available nice cream base:  Berry Acai, Surfer Acai, Acai Runner, Tropical Pitaya, Ocean Bowl, and Valentine Bowl. All you have to do is thaw it out for 2 hours, scoop out about 8 oz, top it with whatever fruit you like or have on hand, and enjoy!

You can have it as a vegan (n)ice cream or turn it into super-food smoothie or shake. So nothing goes to waste.

So satisfy your sweet tooth with our fresh, no preservative, made to order flavor acai bowls.

A 32 oz. container will be available starting June 1st. The price will be $17.99 and up. It can serve up to 4, and you can top it off with whatever you prefer or like.

We had our first order for 11 containers of Berri Acai base. Customer and their guests at graduation party loved it!

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