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Allergy helper
Allergy helper

Allergy helper

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This is special order item. Please allow 2 hrs to prepare it fresh for you. It comes in 17.5 oz glass bottle.  The dosage is 2 oz. per serving. It contains 8 1/2 servings.

Ginger and Turmeric along with lemon and honey is the best remedy anyone can rely on without any serious side effects.
Ginger is a warming spice. It can help clear out sinuses as well as respiratory discomforts. It is said to help get rid of mucus. It used as digestive aid to fire up belly for centuries in Asian cultures.

Turmeic is receiving so much press lately for its anti cancer properties.  It is antiseptic, antibacterial as well as antiviral properties.  It is a bit earthy flavored spice used widely in Asian cultures and cornerstone in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine systems. It is anti inflammatory so useful in RA or artheritis conditions as well. Cold weather worsens those conditions.

Local honey is known to help with allergic condition.  We use extremely local honey.