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Mother Nature hid her greatest secrets in one tiny capsule: the seed. We have found a way of harnessing the nutrient rich oils and flours from botanical seeds without altering their chemical composition.

These tiny, nutrient-dense ovules are the foundation of our products. And, while all seeds are not created equal, we are unwavering when it comes to sourcing only the most nutrient-dense, scientifically researched and healthful seeds on the planet—all of which are pure and non-GMO. THE RESULT: Powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids that assist the body and mind maintain balance while helping to combat today’s most pressing health issues. We’re not the first to discover the benefits of seed nutrition. In fact, ancient civilizations uncovered their secret long ago and certain seeds were even revered by some cultures. The pharohs in Egypt insisted that they even take these seeds into the after life. Many others spoke of the same seed for thousands of years: black cumin, also called black seed or Nigella sativa in Latin. These ancient civilizations fell in love with black cumin and used it for almost any ailment that you can think of. Although they knew that it worked, they didn’t know why….but we do. RAIN INTERNATIONAL is the first to offer natural seed-based supplements that provides a host of benefits for overall health and wellness. Our contemporary science shows that the healing properties of black cumin are due to various compounds found within the protective shell of the seed, such as lipids, enzymes, and antioxidants, plus a very powerful compound called thymoquinone (or TQ, for short). So, in a nut shell—no pun intended—that is our story. We use seeds as the foundation of our products. Try them and find out for yourself what our seed-based formulations can really do for your health.