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October 2017 Newsletter

Here’s a quick update on what your Flavor Family has been up to!

Our FIVESTARS Loyalty Program has been a HUGE success. We’ve already signed up 505 members in a short 2 months.

Next piece of exciting news has to do with our new online ordering service! You can now directly buy any of your favorite Flavor Juicery items ONLINE at https://flavor-juicery.myshopify.com/ or use the links located on our website at www.flavorjuicery.com.  You can even use UberEats or Yelp Eat24 so be sure to keep an eye out for a separate email with more information regarding these online shopping options.

We also participated in various events this past month. One of them was at the McKesson Employee Health Fair. Their employees enjoyed our samples and the information we provided them. The best part was that a few of them visited store later on to try more products and became our loyal customers! We love the continued support and can’t wait to see where else our journey takes us!



We’ve had a little break from Flavor School for the past month! This October, we are going to delve back into the macromolecules of the human body.  We will be discussing lipids this month.

Most lipids contain long hydrocarbon chains and make up the building blocks of the structure and function of living cells. Examples include fats, oils, waxes, certain vitamins, hormones, and even part of cell membranes. Lipids are non-polar and therefore not water-soluble. In the body, oxidation of lipids releases large amounts of energy. Lipids are utilized from dietary fats. There are a number of biosynthetic pathways to both breakdown and synthesize lipids in the body.

Fatty acids are long chain carboxylic acids, which may or may not contain carbon-carbon double bonds. These types of fats can be found in our diet. Saturated fatty acids do not contain any carbon-carbon double bonds. These types of fats are usually solids and derived from animals. Polyunsaturated fatty acids will contain two or more double bonds. These types of fats are usually liquids and extracted from plants. Another type of fat that can be found is trans-unsaturated fatty acids. Although these are not found in nature, trans fats have become commonly produced industrially from vegetable fats. The presence of trans fat in the diet has shown increased risks for developing cardiovascular problems and severe weight gain. These types of fats increase your LDL cholesterol levels while decreasing your HDL cholesterol levels.

At Flavor Juicery, we do our very best to make sure that we give all our Flavorians the essential nutrition they need. We love educating you all on the presents that nature offer us and know that consuming all of our quality products will help you feeling your very best self!