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Introducing Share a Flavor Bowl

Dear Flavorians, your wait is over !!!
You all have been asking for a smaller version of our Flavor Bowls for the numerous reasons outlined below:

1. Mother and a child would like to have a bowl but our one size bowls are too big for the young one and too small for the both of them to share.
2. Mother comes with more than 1 child. The children want to have their own bowls but our one size bowls are too big for them to have on their own.
3. Two siblings or friends come in to try out a bowl but our size is too big to just sample.
4. A couple comes in and wants to share the same bowl on a date but it's too small to share .
5. Two colleagues came together and want to have a bowl as well as a juice or smoothie BUT the bowl is too big. They want to share a bowl and have individual drinks, but there's no way for them to do that.
6. A couple of friends come together and have a sandwich, wrap, or toasts. If they want a dessert, they can share a bowl to satisfy their want for a little fruity dessert.
7. A customer may want to have one bowl now and one later but the size is just too big!
8. A customer may want to have one for themselves and one for a friend to go so you guys can share but again they're just too big.
We are implementing the following to help you out!

It's hard for us to make a smaller sized base without spending too much time on ensuring the quality of our consistency and texture matches our larger size. With the Share A Bowl option, you can share the base and DOUBLE your toppings. This way, you can share the same base and have two bowls with individual size toppings. You get TWO identical bowls at a SMALLER size AND price. This way you won't hear from anyone complaining "But I wanted that one!!!" All you have to do is ask to share a bowl at just $4.59 extra. This gives you two individual bowls for $6.93 each + tax!!!

**Typical 2 Bowl** order would cost: $9.28 X 2 = $18.56
If you **Share A Bowl**: $9.28 + $4.59 = $13.87
This results in _**SAVINGS of $4.69 or ~55%**_

We believe a $6.93 starting price point is a STEAL for a good size nutritious flavor bowl.
***disclaimer: some bowls may cost little more based on their starting price

So come on out and try "Share A Bowl'!!!