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Fall and Winter Remedy - FLAVOR SHOTS

This fall and winter stay protected from climatic changes and potential cold weather induced sicknesses such as the cold, flu, cough, various infections, aggravated arthritis pain, etc.
Ginger and Turmeric along with lemon and honey is the best remedy anyone can rely on without any serious side effects.
Ginger is a warming spice. It can help clear out sinuses and respiratory discomforts. It is also believed to help get rid of mucus. It has been used as a digestive aid to fire up your belly for centuries in many Asian cultures.

Turmeric is receiving so much press attention lately for its anti-cancer properties. It is an antiseptic and anti-bacterial as well as an anti-viral. It has an earthy flavor and is commonly used spice in Asian cultures. Turmeric is a cornerstone in ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine systems. It is anti- inflammatory so it can be extremely useful in Rheumatoid Arthritis as well as other arthritis conditions. Cold weather seems to worsen these conditions, so a turmeric shot can help alleviate symptoms.

Here are the ways to stay healthy this whole cold and flu season: Take a 4 shot combo once a week or buy 17.5 oz bottle of Ginger and turmeric root elixir mix with lemon. Preorder is necessary for this elixir bottle. The shelf life of a elixir is 2 weeks. Take 2 oz two to three times a day. You can actually make herbal tea by adding 2 oz into hot water. It will also help with digestion if taken after the meals.

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