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Wrap Combo

Wrap Combo

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Choose one  - Bombay, Avocado SW, Mediterranean or Vegan black bean patty southern delight.

Chose one - Apple, Pineapple or orange cold press juices, Or BerryGood, or Tropics smoothie

Berrygood – Banana, mixed berries, orange

Tropics- Mango, banana, pineapple

Bombay - Cilantro chutney spread, seasoned smashed spiced potatoes, cucumbers, onions, mixed greens and mozzarella cheese on a  bread or wrap

Southern Delight -Cilantro chutney spread, vegan black bean patty, tomatoes, onions, mixed greens on a bread or wrap

Mediterranean - Hosse made hummus spread, mixed greens, onions, tomtoes, cucumbers and mozzarella chesse