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The stalwarts of Flavor Juices, Truce and Beetit together with Flavorade and Shot of Wheat grass is a combination that we found fights any nutritional deficiency.

Make these stalwarts part of your routine.  It will give your blood a oomph and may help normalize quite a range of conditions.

TRUCE - With Spinach, Apple, Cilantro, Ginger and Lemon First thing in the morning to kick start all vital digestive organs. This is your way of calling a TRUCE with nature. This juice contains just enough greens but also cilantro which helps removing heavy metals by chelating. Lemon is a great alkalizer and helps with detox and cleansing.

BEETIT - With Beetroot, Carrot This is blood builder, cleanser of liver and enriches the quality of blood by building red blood cells. This also tastes delicious.

Wheat Grass - Range of vitamins, minerals and complete amino acid profile.  A key and abdudent ingredient is Chlorophyll.  It is very close molecule to the hemoglobin which makes up our blood.

We will give you shot of Wheatgrass upon purchasing this combo and juices will go either in a cup or jars.  No jars, no problem. Just pay $1.25 per jar and bring it back next time and we will refill it for you.