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Introducing "ZF line" of Flavor Therapeutic Juices.


Dear Flavorians,
Flavor Juicery is taking another bold step. Our Flavorians have gotten used to having some of the low fruit juices that we serve. They now want us to carry juices with no fruits. We absolutely love this request as it demonstrates that we are succeeding in our mission to positively impact the community around us!!!

We are pleased to announce the introduction of the "ZF Line".  ZF stands for ZERO FRUIT.

We will have Truce ZF, GardenBliss ZF, Kalecious ZF on hand while Gusto ZF, Gusto-lite ZF and Carocel ZF will be available on certain days or for special orders.  We will create more juices over time in this category.

Please enjoy this new line of therapeutic juices. They will aid your body in detoxifying major and minor organs, which are all important for maintaining homeostatic harmony in your body. These juices will introduce antioxidants to neutralize free radicals that may be eating your healthy cells and tissues in the body.

You can preorder them here and use discount code 76A4GFYP44TV. This code is one time use and will expire after hitting the limit.  

Remember to share this email with all you think will benefit from these juices.  You can share it on your fb pages, emails, hoa sites, etc.


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